The price of trainers

An image I did for another college project, attached some meat to a trainer as my way of doing a bit of commentary on the usage of sweatshop labour that’s carried out by certain companies that could easily afford not to.


Early Manipulation

I’d consider myself experienced and capable with Photoshop as I’ve been using it for about eight years now, however I’ve mainly used it for retouching images. With a new project I was given from my course I delved into a bit of basic manipulation, going to practice a lot more as I’m not greatly happy with this but it’s certainly a start. If you can’t tell I was going for a Bobble Head look.



A bright start to a new course.

For the first brief I was given on my fD Photography course I was to produce some portraiture that involved some kind of ‘creative hat’, I wanted to do something aesthetically simplistic and meaningful. In the end I decided to produce a bit of work about mental health issues, specifically depression as it’s something that a lot of people do not understand but need to.


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Spent some time with Grant Andrews, check out his music here.